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SIMONE WEIL Simone Pétrement


Simone Pétrement

Published 1977
ISBN : 9780264662398
577 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

It will be hard to surpass this biography, insomuch as it was by one of Simone Weils earliest known friends, who records both the details and the idealism of Weils search for truth. This includes a note about her friendship with Rene Daumal, who was tutoring her in Sanskrit so that she might read the Gita in the original Sanskrit much as she dug into the Christian gospels in their original Greek.From scholar to pacifist street radical to anti-Franco irregular in the Spanish Civil War, and on to Christian mystic, and francophone visionary struggling to save the soul of postwar Europe, even as the outcome was as yet undecided, Petrement fills in many of the details that the standard Weil hagiographies omit.A core document for the study of Simone Weil, her influences and her influence on so many, including popes, Albert Camus, Andre Gide, T.S.Eliot and others.